After-sales service for water management systems

Vina TD Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in providing equipment, supplies and technical services for ships. In particular, the field of providing ballast water management systems and related services is currently the key field of Vina TD. With the goal of bringing trust and satisfaction to customers, after-sales care for the products and services we provide, including ballast water management systems, is always pay close attention to by us.

Customers who install and use equipment provided by Vina TD will receive the following support services:

  • Our team of experienced technical staff will regularly contact and check the operating status of the device. If an error occurs, we will coordinate with the crew to check and provide instructions on how to fix the error so that the device can operate normally.
  • We will advise customers on necessary spare parts of the equipment so that customers can have a reserve purchase plan. When spare parts break down, replacement products will be promptly available so that the equipment can operate normally. During the process of replacing spare parts, we always have technical staff closely following the customer’s replacement to ensure that the replacement process takes place in the correct and most convenient manner, and also ensures that after replacing spare parts, the device will operate normally.
  • Besides, we also provide services such as re-checking the entire BWMS system and training and instructing crew members to operate BWMS equipment when customers need.

For most businesses, after-sales service is one of the services that is highly emphasized and is one of the important criteria for customers to choose suppliers. Therefore, right from the first days of establishment, Vina TD has identified customer satisfaction as the goal of all activities in the Company. Therefore, after-sales service is always our concern and constantly improved, thereby helping us always receive very positive reviews from customers.

With a team of dynamic and creative staff, we always try to perfect and improve our qualifications, striving to achieve the goal of becoming a large corporation operating in multi-industry and multi-field activities. And to achieve that goal, we will always focus on bringing the best experiences to customers when using our products and services.