Installation supervision services for ballast water management systems

Any equipment or system installed on a ship must have strict procedures for construction supervision to resolve arising problems and avoid unnecessary errors. Therefore, in addition to providing ballast water management equipment for ships, Vina TD Co., Ltd. also provides monitoring services throughout the equipment installation process to ensure the quality of the construction process.

Depending on the customer’s needs and the actual situation of the project, we will advise and provide customers with the most suitable installation supervision services. Steps to carry out our installation supervision work will include:

  • Conduct project implementation meetings with ship owners and construction parties
  • Check and determine the main equipment installation location and equipment pedestal location with the construction team
  • Confirm locations that will be modified to install BWMS equipment and pipes, confirm routes to bring equipment into the machine room, confirm service work to bring equipment to installation location
  • Supervise equipment being put into installation position, transferring pipe details and spool machined equipment platforms on the ship to the ship
  • Supervise the installation of the equipment base into position, and install the main equipment into position
  • Supervise the assembly of the system’s main ballast pipes and accompanying valves
  • Supervise the repair of the ship’s old pipes and connections to the system and associated valves
  • Supervise the processing and assembly of sediment discharge pipes, fresh water pipes, and compressed air pipes
  • Supervise the complete installation of sensors and indicators into position
  • Supervise the bringing of electric cables to connect the system to the ship and carry out chiseling through walls, welding cable troughs and pulling wires
  • Supervise the pulling of electrical wires to equipment connection locations and make connections to electrical cabinet
  • Supervise the connection of the equipment area, signal connection of the ship’s bypass valves to the common control system and belting of electric cables, filling of sealant for wall-through troughs, completion and addition racks,…
  • Check system installation and check system electrical connection

With the goal of bringing the best experiences to customers when using Vina TD’s services, we always try and constantly improve and enhance not only installation supervision services but also all other technical services we provide.