Surveying and design services for ballast water management systems

Ballast water management system (BWMS) is installed on ships to ensure ballast/discharge of ballast in accordance with new regulations for the purpose of environmental protection, prevent pathogens or foreign organisms from moving from one sea area to another. Therefore, for old ships operating on international routes, it is mandatory to install this system.

Installing additional equipment on a ship that is already in operation is relatively difficult due to many factors, so the survey and design steps before installation are very important to minimize risks and errors. during installation. Therefore, to ensure the best quality equipment installation, Vina TD Co., Ltd., in addition to providing ballast water management equipment, also provides accompanying technical services, including survey services and design consulting before equipment installation.

Survey and design consulting services before equipment installation will include the following items:

  1. Consulting on equipment suitable for each ship

Based on the technical specifications and actual status of the corresponding equipment on board, we will give advice on the most suitable equipment, it ensures both technical and economic aspects for the ship.

  1. Send professional engineers to survey the actual condition of the ship and provide the most economical repair material norms for customers.

Conduct an actual survey with the ship to measure and collect actual images, from which to develop an installation plan. Professional 3D scanners can be used to measure and simulate the actual space on the ship to increase accuracy during the process of developing installation plans.

  1. Make plans, materials, edit drawings, create 3D designs

After collecting actual images from the ship, our engineers will use specialized software to simulate and design a ballast water management system suitable for space on the ship and other technical conditions of the ship, from there, provide corresponding installation plans and materials.

BWMS survey and design installation services provided by Vina TD are always highly appreciated by customers for their quality and implementation progress. With the goal of bringing customers the best experience when using products and services, Vina TD will constantly improve technology, improve qualifications and skills to meet the increasing technical requirements of customers.