VINA TD COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2015 in Hai Phong city, Vietnam. We are a supplier and distributor of marine equipment and related technical services to shipowners and shipping companies. Our main business areas are as follows:


Providing marine supplies and equipment such as:

  • KCC paint;
  • Ballast water treatment equipment;
  • Generators and main engines for all types of ships;
  • Marine pumps, valves of all types and deck equipment;
  • Equipment related to energy saving.

Providing technical services:

  • Technical services for ballast water treatment equipment such as: equipment testing and operating instructions, equipment installation, ballast water sample analysis, installation supervision, after-sales service;
  • Ship repair services at wharfs and wharves;
  • Consulting, construction, and supervision of painting projects for ships and industry.

In addition, we also perform services related to ship brokerage.


With an experienced technical and sales team with high technical expertise, we have been making every effort to provide customers with diverse maritime services based on a foundation of in-depth and solid knowledge.


We always look forward to cooperating extensively with domestic and foreign ship owners to provide our best products and services to our customers.


For further information, please contact:


Address: No. 1885 Pham Van Dong, Anh Dung Ward, Duong Kinh District, Hai Phong City

Phone: (+84) 2253 880 918