Ballast water management system installation service

Exploitation of the Ballast Water System by drawing in seawater at one port and releasing it at another port has harmed the stability and biodiversity of marine biodiversity due to invasion by foreign organisms and especially the spread of pathogens through microorganisms.

To prevent that, ballast water must be treated to remove dirt and harmful microorganisms before being discharged out of the ship. This is the content of the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) introduced by IMO in 2004 and effective from September 8, 2017 ( Accordingly, based on the timeline when the new IOPPC Certificate (International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate) is issued, ships will switch to installing a Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) to treat ballast water before releasing ballast water into the marine environment (D-2 Ballast Water Management System).

Diagram of electrolytic ballast water management system

Vina TD Co., Ltd. is always proud to be one of the leading company in providing technical service for ballast water management system. With many years of experience and a team of highly qualified engineers in the marine industry, we will provide customers with comprehensive, professional and suitable solutions to meet customer’s requirement.

Our services will include the following main items:

  • Design for retrofitting plan
  • Provide equipment with documents, certificates, CO,…
  • Provide turnkey solutions for installation or only mechanical/electrical installation
  • Technical supervision during system installation
  • Commissioning and training
  • Support to take water sampling D-2 testing according to IMO or USCG standards after installation
  • Provide all documents and technology to ship owners and crew members
  • Support and advise (After sales service) for crew member during operation process
The ballast water management system is completely installed on the ship

We completely ensure that we provide all documents and certificates, Classification certificate etc. are in accordance with regulations on ballast water management so you’re your vessel can meet the requirement to operate international routes. With the responsibility of a supplier, Vina TD Co., Ltd. always tries our best to provide customers with the best quality services at reasonable prices to meet customer needs.